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The Journey Home School of Ascension is based on my book “The Ultimate Gift….is within You!”  This is a life-changing seven month on-line course that will take you deep within to your soul where there is complete peace, joy and inner knowingness.  You will learn how to create and have a close and intimate friendship with your God.  Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish or have your own faith, The Journey Home will help you deepen your faith and connect with your soul self, your true self.  When you have a personal and intimate relationship with your soul, your life will become filled with peace.  Anxieties will become a thing of the past.  Your creativity and joy will fill you with a new sense of excitement for life.  You will feel loved, safe and joyous.  Your life will become abundant as doors of opportunity open effortlessly before you.  Your connection with your soul self will be strong and your soul’s voice and guidance will be clear and true.  You will know in each and every moment what is for your highest good and you can joyously, fearlessly step into your greatest joy!

But in order for deep and lasting life changes to occur, it is not enough to learn new tools and have spiritual insights, you need to uncover the hidden patterns, beliefs, habits, and fears that have kept you from moving into your true joy.  For new insights and new tools to be effective, we need to go within and reprogram and transumute old wounds, from this life and past lives.  Then, your soul self will be able to emerge and your life will begin to expand into new levels of awareness,  bursting with creativity, profound clarity and intuition and your natural talents and gifts will be able to come forward and create the life you are meant to have.  You will be able to fulfill your destiny.



                                                                  Your Journey Home


Within you is a treasure chest filled with spiritual gifts waiting for you to discover; treasures of joy, abundance, freedom, and oneness, 


and your life's journey is a great Treasure Hunt.  

Every step you take and every leap of faith brings you closer to the treasure within.  

But it is a buried treasure and is not easily found. So our Divine Creator has given you a map,

a map that shows you every step of the way Home to complete fulfillment, to Enlightenment. 

This is an ancient map, one that has been written in all the sacred texts throughout time.




                   This map is called Ascension, and it shows you the way Home.*





Ascension is a path we are all on, no matter what our faith, our religion, or our culture; we are all members of the human race and we are all Children of Love.

It is our destiny to return to our divine perfection. 

Divine perfection is already inside of you... you need only uncover it. 


There are seven levels of Ascension, and in this day of enlightenment it is possible to master all seven levels in this one lifetime and become Self-realized, God-realized.  Completing the path of Ascension will set you free from the wheel of rebirth, you will go Home, back to the Christ Consciousness that is within you. 

The path is simple in its steps, but it will take determination and guidance to complete your Ascension, but you can do it!  The Journey Home Course will take you there.


The Journey Home Course will help you heal your past, change your present, and show you how to create a life of inner peace, abundance and joy!





You can have love

You can have abundance

You can become your greatest potential  

                Your Greatest Self is right here waiting just for you.

                                    And the time is now! 

                                        Enroll Now!  



*What is Ascension?

Ascension is the path Home, to your soul, to your God-self.  When you are walking the path of Ascension, you are raising your consciousness and the vibration of all your bodies; your physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to their highest, purest vibration and merging into the Christ Consciousness.  You are ascending into oneness with the Cosmic Vibration of all Creation.  You are merging into your Divine Potential.  It does not mean physical death, but rather death of all that holds you back from being your greatest Self.  It means becoming Whole, Pure Love, and being deeply connected with the Loving Source of your Being.



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