The Ultimate Gift Foundation  

    "The Ultimate Gift Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization created to bring spiritual education to children in need, thereby awakening their true potential and empowering their future contributions to this world."



The goal of The Ultimate Gift Foundation is to teach children how to create a life filled with self-esteem, devotion, joy, and spiritual wholeness by bringing rescued horses and children together in an environment of spiritual awakening. 

The Ultimate Gift Foundation is in the process of creating the 7 Rays Ranch, a fully green, self-sustaining spiritual campus for children.  Our goal is to give children the tools to create a life of integrity and compassion so they can help create a world of peace.


The 7 Rays Ranch is a safe haven where children can come into the fullness of their potential within an environment of sacredness, peace and unconditional love.”


At the ranch we will help the children develop:

·         Integrity

·         Love

·         Devotion

·         Creativity

·         Physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being

·         Self-discovery

·         Self-expression

·         Self-discipline

·         Compassion for all through all-denominational meditation, prayer and service

·         and Joy

We will be offering Equine Therapy, Music and Sound Therapy, Creative Inspiration Classes, Outdoor Adventures, World Spirituality, Community Giving, Organic Vegetarian Meals from our own Gardens and so much more!

These children are our future leaders, parents and teachers and the 7 Rays Ranch is committed to helping them uncover the true essence of Who They Are and to provide them with the map home, to their greatest Self.



If you would like to help support the rescued horses and children at the 7 Seven Rays Ranch, please click here .

To learn more about the 7 Rays Ranch and to see our 7 minute video “For Our Children” please visit our site at

We thank you for your kindness.

Please accept our deepest gratitude for your donation.

Kelly Lynn

Founder and President

The Ultimate Gift Foundation

a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization serving children in need

All donations are tax deductible


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