Curriculum and Exercises  

Curriculum Overview

Table of Contents: Level One                    


What Are We Doing Here?              

What is Happening? 

An Overview of Ascension                                                                  

The Great Awakening                              

The Time for Change is Here  

Signs of Awakening                                             

Physical Awakening                                  

Emotional Awakening                               

Awakening the Mind                                 

Our Life’s Stages                                       



Exercises are in Lavender


Table of Contents: Level Two

Your Most Important Relationship                 

How Is Your Relationship?                          

Uncovering Your Belief of Who God Is           

    Creating a Relationship Diary                 

    How to Use Your Relationship Diary      

    Creating the Relationship You Desire     

Healing your Relationship with God                

    Creating Your Sacred Space                   

Being in your Sacred Space                           

    Your Sacred Space is for Receiving…     

Your Personal Sacred Space                           

    Creating Your Personal Sacred Space   

As a Child of God, You Have the Right        



Table of Contents: Level Three

Healing Your Physical Body                     

Raising Your Vibration                            

Food for Healing   

Vibrational Chart                                 

Healing Your Emotions and Your Body with Food                                        

Move Your Body                                   

Being Present with Your Body               

Creating a Relationship with Your Body    

The Journey Begins                                 

Coming into the Light of Healing            

Your Body is God Consciousness           

Your Sexuality is Sacred                      

Raising Your Sexual Vibration                   

The Next Step….Mastering Your Body    


We Are Not Our Bodies                            

Becoming One                                    


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Table of Contents: Level Four                    

Healing Your Emotions                              

Come into the Light of Healing                    

    Foundation for Healing Deep Wounds  

    Healing the Past                                   

Being Present with Your Emotions               

    Bringing the Many Voices into Your Soul                                        

The Soul Self and the Human self              

The Mirror is Your Teacher                        

Healing Your Shadow Self                         

    Bringing Light Within                        

Express Yourself                                     

    Let’s Discover the Beauty that is Within You                        



Table of Contents: Level Five

Many Voices                                               


    Back in Time                                       

Bringing the Many Voices Together             

    Round Table Meeting                           

Problem Solving                                        

The Inner Children                                   

    Healing the Children Within             

Mastering Your Emotional Body                

The Dark Night of the Soul                        

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?             

    How do I know if I’m going through 

    the Dark Night of the Soul?             

    How can I make the most of this?      



Table of Contents: Level Six

Healing Your Mental Body                         

The Power of Your Thoughts                    

Who is in Charge of Your Thoughts?         

 Attributes of the Soul…                           

 Attributes of the Ego…                             

    Become the Observer                           

    Manifesting True Joy                            

Healing Your Subconscious Mind                  

    Reprogramming Your Life for Success  

    Now it’s Time to Discover Who You Are 

    Creating Your Best Life                          

Honoring Your Inner Teacher                        


    A Healing Tool for Forgiving…              

    Time to Begin Anew…                          

Reframing Your Past                                



Table of Contents: Level Seven

Walking Your Soul’s Path                           

    Tools for Creating an Abundant Life  

    Your Soul Full Life                              

Learning to See the Signs                           




    Scheduling God into your Life            

    Life as a Walking Meditation             


Right Action                                             

A Change of Focus                                

Walking in Grace                                  

Self Mastery                                         

Service is the Art of Giving Back                 


Welcome Home                                     

"Welcome Home Child" Cd for Enlightenlightment


We look forward to walking this amazing journey with you! 

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