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The Journey Home School of Ascension

Is there a physical building where the school is located?


The Journey Home School is a ‘virtual’ based school.  We want to be able to reach as many souls as possible.

Whether you live in Africa or on a rural farm in Iowa, as long as you have access to the internet, you can join our classes and be part of our community.  


How will I receive each lesson?

 There are seven levels to Ascension and seven levels in our course.  On the first of each month, for seven months, you will receive an email that contains a link on our website where you can download the current month's lesson.

  The lessons are in the format of eBooks; interactive digital books that you can download onto your own computer. However, if you prefer to have us send you a hard copy of the materials, we can send your lessons in the mail for an extra charge. 


I will receive two private personal coaching sessions with Kelly Lynn per month.  What does this entail?

  A private consultation is a twenty minute phone session with Kelly where you can talk about anything you wish.  You can ask questions, you can process feelings, you can share your journals and your journey.  It is your time.  It is given to you to help you in every way possible to succeed in the course and to support you on your soul’s journey.


How does a coaching session work?

   After you enroll, you will have an account opened for you.  At this time, we will deposit fourteen sessions into your student account, each session being twenty minutes in length, for you to use at any time during your seven month course.  Upon enrollment you will receive an email that will give you Kelly’s phone number to use when you wish to arrange an appointment time, as well as instructions on how to make your appointments.

  All appointments will be twenty minutes in length.  If you feel you would like a longer session, please be sure to schedule for a longer time. If at the end of your session you need to go longer, you may use one of your banked sessions.  For example…. If you and Kelly talk for twenty minutes, that is one session, if you talk for forty minutes, that uses two sessions, sixty minutes uses three of your banked sessions etc…  Again, fourteen sessions are ‘banked’ or ‘deposited’ into your account upon enrollment for you to use as you wish and additional sessions can be purchased online at any time.

  If you schedule an appointment, but are not able to keep your appointed time slot, please be sure to cancel 48 hours in advance so that another student may use this time.  If you have a scheduled time that you cannot keep and forget to cancel, one twenty minute session will be deducted from your account.

  The recommendation is to use two sessions per month to help you make the most of this deep life-changing process that you will experience.

  Kelly is here to help you every step of the way, so please feel free to call for an appointment any time you need.  She will do her best to provide a session for you within 72 hours.  Also, to ensure that all your needs are met during the session, time will be made available at the end of each appointment in case you wish to go longer. 


What if I need more sessions in a month?

  If you find that you need to use four sessions in one month, two in the next, but none in the following month, that is perfectly fine.  They are yours to use as you choose. 


What if I need extra sessions?

  If you find that you need extra sessions during your seven months, you may purchase them online.  Please feel free to go to our Services Page for more information and to purchase extra coaching sessions and/or email consultation sessions.


What if I only have a couple of quick questions?

  At the time your account is opened, you will also receive 14 email consultations.  

  An email consultation is a maximum of three questions that are about the more technical aspects of the program, the classes or the exercises.  More personal questions might best be served in a phone consultation. 


How can I use my 14 email consultations?

  Upon enrollment you will receive an email containing an email address for you to use specifically for your email consultations. Just write an email with up to three questions and send it to the email address provided.  Kelly will email your answers typically within 72 hours. 

 Anytime throughout your seven months, you can email Kelly to ask any questions you may have.  Your 14 email consultations are yours to use as you wish.  You can use five email consultations one month and none the next.  They are given to you to give you additional support throughout the course.  Though, for topics that go deeper into your journey, a phone consultation might be best.


I would like to know more about the curriculum.  Where can I see what is covered in the course?

  We have listed all seven lessons' Table of Contents so you can have an idea of what we will be covering in this course. You can see all the course's topics and exercises listed on the Course Overview page. 


What will I receive at the end of the program?

  You will receive a Certification of Completion. Receiving the certification is a statement of achievement and a congratulations for the devotion and commitment you made to your spiritual journey.  Also, your certification will allow you to take the next course, the Teacher’s Course, if you feel guided to pass this program forward. 

  We hope to receive accreditation for The Journey Home School Course in the near future for those who need CEU for their profession, such as counselors, nurses and massage therapists.


What is your cancellation policy?

   There are no returns.  The Journey Home Course is very powerful and life-changing, but only when you stay with it.  The soul’s journey can sometimes become intense or frightening as our soul asks us to grow beyond our comfort zone.  We understand that the journey can at times test your courage and inner resolve.  At times like these, we need all the support and encouragement we can get.    

  If we made it easy to un-enroll, to walk away, we would be letting you down.  Knowing that you made a investment keeps you with it.  Just like paying upfront for a top-of-the-line gym membership, when you get frustrated or tired or distracted, the hard-earned money you invested keeps you coming back to the gym.  We are here to help you stay committed to your soul’s journey and to fulfilling your greatest potential!


What if I can’t afford to pay?

  We are establishing a Scholarship Fund for those who are drawn to take the course, yet don’t have the financial means to pay the full amount.  We believe that peace, health, joy and enlightenment is God’s promise to all.  Money is meant to empower us and to provide opportunities for our spiritual growth.  So within our school we will ensure that those who are sincerely seeking and sincerely in need of funding will receive a full or partial scholarship based on the funds available

Please click here if you would like to be considered for a scholarship.


What if I have sessions left after I complete the course?

  Please feel free to use them as you continue your spiritual path.  After the course is completed, you will continue to grow and evolve at an ever-quickening rate, as you will have opened doors of tremendous opportunity and self-fulfillment by utilizing the tools contained within the course.  This kind of personal change is exciting and extremely rewarding, however, it can still be a bit unnerving as you step into a life that is beyond your greatest hopes.  You may want to use your sessions to receive extra support through these wonderful life changes. 

  If during the course you have purchased additional sessions and have these remaining, you may gift them to someone if you choose, though the original fourteen personal coaching sessions and fourteen email consultations are non-transferable.

How much is the course?

  The seven month ecourse is $1598.  It includes 14 personal coaching sessions and 14 email consultations, interactive 7 ebooks and certification.


Can I make payments?

  Typically we ask that you pay for your course in full.  But if that is a hardship, please feel free to email Kelly and something can be worked out.


Sounds great!  How can I sign up?

  Just click here to enroll.   I will give you a call and we'll get you started right away!  It's that easy.



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