About Kelly Lynn  

   I am the Spiritual Director of The Journey Home School of Ascension, founder of the 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization The Ultimate Gift Foundation,

where our mission is to build the 7 Rays Ranch , a school of ascension for children. 


  I am also an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church, an author and I have been a Self Mastery Instructor and Spiritual Life Coach, teaching the tools of Self Mastery to hundreds of clients around the world, but this is not Who I Am. 


Who I am is a child of God, a child of Love, and my most important role is my deep and joyous union with my Beloved Creator.





I believe God is the embodiment of pure and perfect love,

and is the embodiment of all religions, all cultures and all faith,

and is more than any one faith.


I believe that everyone is a Child of God and therefore,

is pure and perfect Divine Love;

you just don’t realize it.





Ever since I was a child, I could see the soul of everyone I met.  I saw beyond their personality self, their human self.  I saw their pure love and radiant light.  I saw their true Self.  But I often wondered, “Why can’t they see who they are?  Why aren’t they able to feel the immense love that is within them?”   It was because their light was covered with the struggles of the world.  Their immense beauty was hidden by their fears and their pain.  They could not see beyond their wounded self and find their Divine Self.  They could only feel the weight of their struggles and the burdens of their past.


This led me to wonder….

“How does one find peace and joy?" 

"How does one heal their life and become free?”  


I knew that within each and every person was a pure and enlightened soul waiting to be uncovered...






 but how does one uncover their soul?




This is purpose of The Journey Home Course….to help you heal each layer of consciousness that has held you back from your greatest life, 

and restore your true self so that you can experience and embrace the pure and Divine that is within you. 

This is the Journey Home.  It is the journey home to your Greatest Self.



  Your Journey Home  

   This is why I created The Journey Home; to help you connect with your soul and with your inner beauty and to help you become one with your Beloved Creator.  My heart’s greatest desire is to help you experience the immense love and joy of your radiant soul. 

It is not enough to merely know in your mind that you are a Child of God, you need to connect with the Divine Love that resides within your heart so that you can experience and embrace your greatest self.  This is your Journey Home. 

I look forward to walking with you on your path to Home, to joy!

Many blessings to you dear one

With love and joy,





Lotus Flower painting by Paul Heussentamm


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